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Title:  "CAOS:  A Collaborative and Open Spatial Hypermedia System with Incremental Spatial Parsing"
Proposers:  Reinert, Olav; Bucka-Lassen, Dirk, and Pedersen, Claus.
Contact Person:  Olav Reinert -

Title:  "GRiNS:  A GRaphical INterface for Creating and Playing SMIL Documents"
Proposers:  Rutledge, Lloyd, and Hardman, Lynda.
Contact Person:  Lloyd Rutledge -

Title:  "Claviar - Integrating classical and open hypertext technologies to support safety documentation"
Proposers:  Emmet, Luke.
Contact Person:  Luke Emmet -

Title:  "The DHymE Dynamic Hypermedia Engine"
Proposers:  Bieber, Michael.
Contact Person:  Michael Bieber -

Title:  "SWEB - A Structured Web View"
Proposers:  Furtado, P., Nelas, J., and Madeira, H.
Contact Person:  Pedro Furtado -

Title:  "MAVIS 2:  An Architecture for Content and Concept Based Multimedia
Information Exploration"
Proposers:  Dobie, Mark, Tansley, Robert, Weal, Mark, Joyce, Dan, Lewis, Paul, and Hall, Wendy.
Contact Person:  Mark Dobie -

Title:  "Tool-using, Co-operating Nav Monkeys"
Proposers:  Millard, David, Nuernberg, Peter,  and Reich, Siegfried.
Contact Person:  Peter Nuernberg -

Title:  "3D Adaptation:  Combining Methods in Adaptive Hypermedia"
Proposers:  Hothi, Jatinder and Hall, Wendy.
Contact Person:

Title:  "Visual Link Preview for Link Traversal on the WWW"
Proposers:  Kopetzky, Theodorich.
Contact Person:  Theodorich Kopetzky -

Title:  "Industry Political Factors in Hypermedia Design for
Augmenting Human Intellect"
Proposer:  Goppold, Andreas
Contact Person:  Goppold, Andreas  -

Title:  "The Digital Document Discourse Environment (D3E)"
Proposer:  Shum, Simon Buckingham, Sumner, Tamara, and Wright, Mike.
Contact Person:  Shum, Simon Buckingham  -

Title:  "Navigation and Orientation Tools for WWW-Based Hypertexts"
Proposer:  Kreutz, Reinhard
Contact Person:  Kreutz, Reinhard  -

D3E: The Digital Document Discourse Environment
Proposers: Buckingham Shum, Simon; Sumner, Tamara; and Wright, Mike
Contact person: Simon Buckingham Shum -