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Hypertext '99 will provide a rich set of formats for interaction, presentation and discussion of the latest results and developments in hypertext and hypermedia: Papers, Panels and Technical Briefings, Courses, Workshops, Short Papers, Posters, Demos, and Doctoral Consortium.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • World Wide Web applications and extensions
  • Collaborative hypermedia technology and applications
  • Empirical studies and hypermedia evaluation
  • Hypermedia in education and training
  • Hypertext rhetoric and criticism
  • Hypermedia and time
  • narratives and storyboarding
  • Hypertext writing - fiction, scholarship, and technical
  • Innovative hypertexts and novel uses of hypertext and hypermedia
  • Integration and open hypermedia architectures
  • Large-scale distributed hypermedia
  • Structuring hypertext documents for reading and retrieval
  • Techniques for generating, recognizing, navigating and visualizing structure
  • Theories, models, architectures, standards, and frameworks
  • Hypermedia user interfaces (link marking, composition, browsing, consistency of open hypermedia interfaces, representing traditional databases)
  • Hypermedia storage technologies (persistent object stores, link services, hyperbases, distributed databases, information retrieval, versioning, access control)
  • Object-oriented hypermedia (data models, distributed architectures, component-based architectures, application design and re-use)
  • Hypermedia middleware
  • Workplace deployment and industrial applications of hypermedia
  • Hypermedia authoring
  • Hypermedia and 3D spaces
  • Hypermedia for the Internet

 While diversity in terms of concepts and ideas is one focus of Hypertext '99, we will also take specific actions to better accommodate newcomers, namely theNelson Newcomer Award and a "Mentoring" service as known from other conferences.